Are You Due for a Sacred Soul Sound Session?

luminous-beingIf you are out of structured water, or have been listening to your Soul Tone CD for more than a month then it is time to book a new Sacred Soul Session.
 You can now do this a number of ways:
1. The best way is to come and experience the multiplying power of the  Ascension Chamber (the dodecahedron sound chamber) by booking a stay with us at Sunnybrae Cottage
2. If you live in the Shuswap I can come to your home or arrange a session in town, or
3. You can do a session from the comfort of your own home by recording your voice on line.
 To learn more about scalar wave technology and how Quantum Sound Therapy can change your life go to and book an appointment or just phone 1-866-369-7464..

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