Secret Properties Of Water – Still A Mystery!

26 April, 2012 – The true nature of water is unknown. It has a variety of absolutely fascinating properties, we still known very little about.

One of its most unique properties is that water has a memory and its behavior can be compared to our modern CD storing digital data or magnetic tape!

This ability, among many others, is particularly astonishing and still cannot be explained in terms of conventional science.

Therefore, 15 or 20 years ago, a scientist claiming that something as “simple” as water could have memory properties… was an obvious danger for the scientists thinking in traditional terms.

Intellectual practices of this kind could be only considered as pseudoscience or charlatanery.

Today, many scholars admit that water is an amazing substance capable of efficient gathering of information from all things as soon as it comes in contact with them!

The theoretical physicist Emilio del Giudice at the University of Milano, Italy, could explain together with cooperators that water has the ability to store information over long periods of time.

Also Vitold M. Bakhir, Russian inventor and a mining engineer conducted many water memory experiments confirming the earlier results.

Jacques Benveniste (1935 – 2004), a French immunologist discovered that water holds a “memory”, and is able to digitally record and then digitally re-write other water, even when the substance has been removed from it.

Benveniste’s experiments were followed by many other scientists worldwide.

One of the Russian scientists, Alexander Stiepanow put a dish with distilled water on the forehead of lying man. It was made to save microenergetic information extracted from the man. Then, Stiepanov began to study a graphic record (chart) of water used in his experiment with a special device.

The essence of the memory of water can be compared to the alphabetic puzzle – same letters can be arranged into different words with different meanings, which have ifferent information. Such letters are in the case of water – its molecules.

It’s like a “code” containing a whole range of relevant information and suitable properties but depending on many different factors. Similarly, as in the case of the genetic code of living organisms.

Water is one of the carriers of such information.
This information can be transmitted further via internet, phone lines… It’s hard to imagine what more can be made with this kind of information.

The possible applications are innumerable.

Research into water is just beginning!

Think about it! You drink water with a memory! Try to drink as clean water as possible.

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