3 FlowersMeditation has no beginning and no end, in it there is no achievement and no failure, no gathering and no renunciation; is a movement without finality and so beyond and above time and space.

The experiencing of it is the denying of it, for the experience is bound to time and space, memory and recognition. The foundation for true meditation is that passive awareness which is the total freedom from authority and ambition, envy and fear.

Meditation has no meaning, no significance; whatsoever without this freedom common, without self-knowing; as long as there’s choice there is no self-knowing. Choice implies conflict which prevents the understanding of what is. Wandering off into some fancy, into some romantic beliefs, is not meditation; the brain must strip itself of every myth, illusion and security and face the reality of their falseness.There is no distinction; everything in the movement of meditation.

The flower is the form, the scent, the color and the beauty that is the whole of it. Tear it to pieces actually or verbally, then there is no flower, only a remembrance of what was, which is never the flower. Meditation is the whole flower in its beauty, withering and living.

Meditations by J. Krishnamurthi, Shambala Pocket Classics 1991

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