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Ascension Chamber

Ascension Chamber

Heal Yourself.

Heal the Planet.

This is an important global initiative to bring cleansing to the land, oceans and life on this entire planet. This project will employ biogenesis technology, please strategically in every country and large water body globally. The eternal light technologies come to our civilization from ascended Master Lantos is one of the most profound plans to uplift and purify our beloved mother Gaia her oceans and children.

This is an major opportunity to assist in massive energetic shifts. Star cells are beings created that will be trained with eternal light energy 10 star cells will create a star cluster Master Lantos has said that a star cluster will clear imprinting on the land that has been affected for a population base of 1 million people. With roughly 7 billion people on this planet, 7000 star clusters covering 1 million people each, will purify the effects of the global population base. They will be placed strategically in every country worldwide.

As well, water cells will be created to purify humanity’s effects on the oceans, which will entail 3000’s water cell clusters. These eternal light star clusters will form a global grid that will be very powerful indeed.. Humanity is as well, of the earth, as well as animals and elementals and all will be assisted as non-harmonious imprinting is released by this network of light. We are told that there will be many other uses as well as personal healing benefits of this network in our near future.

Ken Salmon says. “I’ve worked with his eternal light technology for a while now, and can personally vouch for the amazing power and potential that it possesses. I know this is not based on belief and can vouch for the legitimacy and sincerity of biogenesis that is greenest technology and managing is project.”

We are seeking donors for the clusters which cost $800 US and responsible spiritual oriented individuals to house and keep them safe.  The need to make contact with service-oriented spiritual individuals throughout the world will be great as well.  I would love to further elaborate on this project with groups and individuals

Ken Salmon

I am pleased to announce that Ken Salmon and I have jointly purchased a Star of Genesis which is permanently housed in the dodecahedron sound chamber where is broadcasting on the scalar waves of the 2 Theta (Love) IQubes. This healing energy is being broadcast live 24/7/365 worldwide through the eternal light network. If you would like to arrange a session in the chamber phone toll free in North America 1-866-369-7464 or to arrange an on-line sound session click here. If you would like more information on the Bio-genesis technologies click here. 

Tyhson Banighen

Your personal licensed sound coach


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