The Alkaline Doctor: Using alkalinity to help your kidney

The Alkaline Doctor: Using alkalinity to help Your kidney

By Dr. Rich Snyder — author, physician and kidney health expert

March is World Kidney Month. As an internist and kidney specialist, I am all too aware of the epidemic of kidney disease. Notice I used the word epidemic. Kidney disease affects 35 million people in the USA, or one in every eight people. Many health professionals feel that this is an underestimation as many people do not see their doctor or health care provider. In our younger population, fueled with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and inflammation, we are seeing younger people diagnosed with kidney disease.

Diabetes, hypertension, and obesity are the most important causes of kidney disease in North America. Knowing what your healthy weight should be, keeping track of your blood pressure, knowing what your kidney function is, and being aware if you are leaking any protein in your urine are very important factors for maintaining and improving your kidney function and health. This means having open communication with your health care provider.

Yet, there are other aspects of improving your kidney health that are only now being talked about.

Inflammation, acidity, and gut inflammation directly affect and worsen kidney health. An article in the peer-reviewed medical journal Kidney International from January 2013 titled, “The intestinal microbiota, a leaky gut, and abnormal immunity in kidney disease” says it all. I believe that maintaining a healthy intestinal tract is vital. I had the opportunity to present a paper at the recent Canadian Health Food Association conference held in Toronto, Canada, which reviewed the many benefits of a mineralized alkaline water solution on improving gut health.

I believe that reducing inflammation and controlling acidity is important. Correction of acidosis can also improve bone health as bone health can also be severely impaired in kidney disease.

In summary, I believe that the following can help improve your kidney health:

  • Eating a plant-based alkaline diet.
  • Maintaining intestinal health. I believe that this involves alkaline water, probiotic, correction of fungal overgrowth, and evaluation of food sensitivities if your condition warrants it.
  • Correcting acidity, especially in advanced stages of kidney disease.
  • Knowing your blood pressure, your kidney function and being aware if there are any abnormalities in your urine.

The more that you know, the better you can communicate with your doctor and ask the right questions to improve your kidney function and kidney health!

Disclaimer: The above are only general suggestions — we recommend that your speak with your health care provider as your own health situation may be different.

Rich Snyder, DO is the author of What You Must Know About Kidney Disease: A Guide to Using Conventional and Complementary Therapies.


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