How it Works

How it Works

Sacred Soul Sounds offers you a unique wellness services addressing the flow and quality in your energy of body, mind and spirit.

Sacred Soul Sounds Sessionsconsists out of five major elements. Combining Soul Sound Coaching and modern technology systems in a completely individualized approach, it addresses your overall wellbeing at the core.

What can I expect

The results are unique to each session and each individual.

Some clients can experience:

  • accentuated deep relaxation
  • relief of their aches and pains
  • mental clarity
  • greater energy and flexibility
  • accelerated self-healing
  • heightened levels of energy, vitality and immune function
  • creativity and awareness, and rejuvenation
  • a slimmer and trimmer body
  • a sense of being more grounded
  • a feeling of being at the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people for your next step

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Follow the links in the text above to get a clearer understanding and inside of how all of this can work together for your benefit, on your path to a more healthy, joyful and fulfilled life.

Soul Sound Coaching

Soul Sound Coaching The coaching aspect is to help you set your intention for the session: Create what you want in your life experience by being in the moment of now and imagine it as though you have already achieved what you have chosen.  For example If you choose more joy. What would more joy feel …

Quantum Sound Therapy

Quantum Sound Therapy  “What is in your voice is in your life” Robert Lloy developer of  Quantum Sound Therapy ” What is your voice is in your Life and your Business” Tyhson Banighen, Licensed Sound Coach What is Quantum Sound Therapy?  Quantum Sound Therapy was designed so clients can bring the body into balance using …

Scalar Waves – IQubes

Scalar Waves – IQubes There is a lot to which could be said about Scalar Waves Technology and we would like to encourage you to do your own research on this amazing technology. The best way I believe to understand the Scalar Waves Technology is to experience it for yourself. You will have a better …

Dodecahedron Sound Chamber

Stellated Dodecahedron Sound Chamber with a Crystal Matrix To listen to your personal Soul Sound Tones CD, via the IQube overlaid with Hemi Sync or other sound therapy music, in the Dodecahedron Sound Chamber accelerates your experience of your Sacred Soul Sounds Session even further. Many who have recently done a session in the upgraded …


The Peak Performance IQube The new Peak Performance contains the Focus program, the Protection program, the Empowerment program and our new Peak Performance program. There is also an oxygen tube installed to enhance performance. The new twin tube design allows to introduce additional inert gases and frequency combinations that deal with integrating energy to strengthen …

Quantum Field