Soul Tones CD

Soul Tones CD

How to listen to your CD!

Enjoy heightened levels of energy, vitality, immune function, creativity and awareness.

The more you listen to your personal CD, the greater the balancing effects. This is caused in part by the creation of new neural networks in the brain and well as field changes in the body. The first 3 days following the session are most important and it is recommended to listen twice a day. After the third day a minimum of once daily is recommended. Since these are your own personal tones the ideal would be to keep your tones playing in the background as you go about your day.
It is our suggestion that a new CD be created on a monthly basis. This is easily accomplished with remote sampling over the internet.

The energy field of all family members or even pets, is already “entangled” just by the mere presence of being in the same room. As you change and become more balanced, so do those around you.  Further because the paired elements are part of your personal CD, if family members need those same elements they will benefit from the sounds of those frequencies.
Pets eagerly come running into the room as soon as the personal tones are played. If you are listening in a quiet meditative state, most pets want to be as close to you as possible.

It is not recommend that you play your personal CD while driving as the frequencies are stepped down into the Alpha, Theta and Delta ranges to promote deep relaxation. This may impact on your reaction times and motor coordination.
Remember that your personal CD is designed to bring balance and well-being. It also allows you to enter “zero point” or “choice point” energy. This means that you might have sudden insights into events in your life that may have been nagging you for a long time.  Being able to access greater parts of your brain may be very helpful in reframing events which you previously regarded as negative.

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