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Please fill out the order form below. Once the order is submitted I will calculate the shipping charges and phone you to confirm your order before shipping. Products are not shipped unless payment in full is received. Amounts are in Canadian Dollars.
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Meridian Sound Essence Oils    
Wood Meridian $12.00
Earth Meridian $12.00
Water Meridian $12.00
Metal Meridian $12.00
Sovereign Fire $12.00
Minstrel Fire $12.00
Yin/Yang $12.00
Set of 7 Oils $79.00
Chakra Sound Essence Misters
Whole Notes
Root Chakra - C Note $25.00
Sacral Chakra - D Note $25.00
Solar Plexus Chakra – E Note $25.00
Heart Chakra – F Note $25.00
Throat Chakra – G Note $25.00
Brow Chakra – A Note $25.00
Crown Chakra - B Note $25.00
Whole Notes set of 7 $169.00
Semitone Notes    
Sacral Chakra - C# Note $25.00
Solar Plexus Chakra– F (flat) Note $25.00
Heart Chakra - F# Note $25.00
Throat Chakra - G# Note $25.00
Brow Chakra –B (flat) Note $25.00
Semitone set of 5 $115.00
Aura Misters    
Aura Joy Mister $25.00
Infinity Mister $25.00
Leilana Mister $25.00
Reiki Revolution Mister $25.00
Penultimate Mister $25.00
Gratitude Mister $25.00
Sound Session Combo    
1 Oil, 1 Chakra & 1 Aura Mister  ($65.00 value) $55.00
Specialty Sacred Scalar Waters    
Indigo $30.00
Super $30.00
Purity/Clarity $30.00
Wellness $30.00
Protection $30.00
Focus $30.00
Rejuvenation $30.00
Empowerment $30.00
Essences of Sound $38.00
Western Herbs $35.00
Book plus One Sound Essence of your choice  ($63.00 value) $45.00


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