Scalar Structured Water Concentrates

Scalar Structured Water Concentrates

On February 12, 2003 I traveled to Oxnard, California to attend a meeting with Robert Lloy to discuss Scalarwave Technology and Scalarwave Structured Water. At this historical meeting, I presented Mr. Lloy with the crystal photograph of his structured water formulas. Later that year I invited Robert Lloy to form a partnership which I named EmLloy, in honor of our surnames, Emoto and Lloy.
Mr. Lloy has invented a complex technology and corresponding manufacturing facility which is capable of imprinting coherent frequency information into water using his zero point energy field technology.
EmLloy products are distributed through Hado Centers in Japan and now I am happy to introduce you this Indigo water of EmLloy Water series in the US.

Dr. Emoto

The following Structured Water Concentrates are available


Specialty Sacred Scalar Waters


Over the last 15 years we have gathered information from hundreds of thousands of voice samples and brain maps. We’ve worked with children who had various learning disabilities and over the years came to the same conclusion as Dr. Makoto Shichida, world renowned founder of over 350 Preschool Child Academies in Japan who teach the importance of right brain stimulation. Masaru Emoto (EMLLOY) encouraged us to create this formula for his life long friend Dr. Shichida. We used the information from thousands of tests to structure a special water to encourage more right brain activity. We launched this wonderful product through our Emoto Lloy (EMLLOY ) series.

I have been drinking my Indigo water for about a month now. I live  in a house running an Empowerment IQube 24/7 and I have found that I am getting out more, being more sociable and attending the drumming group. Thanks

Anne, An Indigo


The enhanced Super formula is based upon thousands of clinical voice analyses, which revealed the needs of the physical body. It is used to enhance the physical structure by increasing energy. For this enhanced blend we added additional energy frequencies to the original base solution. This new formula is designed to increase physical energy and stamina. This formula encourages mind-body balance. This is an excellent daily water that helps the individual accomplish all their tasks.


The Purity formula still contains the base formula that won all of the awards. With recent breakthroughs in manufacturing we have been able to add the additional energy frequencies. This formula is designed to expand consciousness and awareness. This is an evolutionary beverage to help people get more in touch with their truth and life purpose. This beverage is useful in higher-level decision-making and contributes to mental clarity. With the addition of all the Inert Noble Gases this beverage assists in stimulating the intuitive and higher centers of the brain.


On February 3rd we attended a meeting with Dr. Emoto where concerns about bird flu and various viruses were being discussed. We left with the agenda to create a daily support water. We are pleased to present our new daily support Wellness Water. The Wellness formula is designed to encourage maximum cell water turn over. This will help the body flush stored toxins from the system which in turn, support the immune system in the defense of body. For this special formula we created a specific Wellness Frequency Program to support and strengthen all the bodily functions.

To order specialty waters at $30.00 a bottle go to the Orders and Payments page.

Structured Water Concentrates that can be further encoded by your own voice


Protection Water is available for Sacred Scalar Protection IQube owners.This special water was created to carry the priority frequency information into the body while flushing toxins and providing maximum hydration.


Focus Water is available for Sacred Scalar Focus IQube owners. This special water was created to carry the priority frequency information into the body while flushing toxins and providing maximum hydration.


The key is in the geometry It is extremely important that we use coherent structured water to flush toxins and deliver proper nutrition to your cells. Rejuvenation Water was created for everyone enjoying the Rejuvenation Project. This special formula is based upon the Wellness Formula with some special proprietary frequencies and inert noble gas stimulation.


The key is a sense of being rooted yet connected to Source. A great sense of clarity, concentration, flexibility, balance, endurance and overall well being.

To order waters at $30.00 a bottle go to the Orders and Payments page. If you want to have the water structured by your own voice for an additional $30.00 then arrange an appointment on line or at the Tyhson Banighen Wellness Centre.