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What is in your Voice is in your Business!

“What is in your voice is in your life” Robert Lloyd developer of Quantum Sound Therapy I also believe what is in your voice is in your business! Quantum Sound Therapy was designed so individuals can bring the body into balance, using a recorded sample of their voice and scalar wave technology.  The human voice is …

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Deepening the Sacred Connection

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 9:00pm Eastern or 6:00 pm PST Kathy Wilson will interview Master Dowser Tyhson Banighen The Topic is Deepening the Sacred Connection between Land and People. More on this later

How to use Sacred Scalar Water

I want to focus this update on the use of sacred scalar water. Water as you know is the key to life. Drinking your voice activated sacred scalar water greatly speeds up your personal and spiritual growth by stripping away unresolved karmic issues. Like all aspects of Knowing Yourself it is best to undertake any …

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