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About Soul Sound Session

What People Say About the Soul Sound Sessions Hi big bro! for the first time in my life in over a decade I got an excellent report from the doc. In spite of all the chronic issues I have, all of the are in remission. I think it is because of the sound CD you …

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About Group Session

Group VAHS Session Experiences Workshop Facilitator’s experience Well! This is the first time I have used the VAHS in conjunction with the group worship setting, and I must say I was amazed at the accelerated learning and level of clearing achieved. This is the first group that have achieved Level 1 through 3 in a one 3 …

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About “The Jiggler”

What people say about “The Jiggler” Amazing….I knew instinctively it would be something beyond what I have ever used. Thank you…………………….. Jane sageblossom@hotmail.com’   “When I started, I was worried about the sagging skin that often goes with it. After using SlimFit, I was amazed at the muscle tone I got along with my weight …

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