September 2013 archive

The Star of Genesis Global Eternal Light Network

Heal Yourself. Heal the Planet. This is an important global initiative to bring cleansing to the land, oceans and life on this entire planet. This project will employ biogenesis technology, please strategically in every country and large water body globally. The eternal light technologies come to our civilization from ascended Master Lantos is one of …

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Meditation has no beginning and no end, in it there is no achievement and no failure, no gathering and no renunciation; is a movement without finality and so beyond and above time and space. The experiencing of it is the denying of it, for the experience is bound to time and space, memory and recognition. …

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Heart Vibrational Sound Healing

Heal Your Self. Heal the Planet If you are in pain or anguish or overwhelmed with stress then arranging a sound session is a good idea. A sound healing is a straight forward no fuss, on muss way to clear unresolved traumas from your body.  The beauty of this method is you do not need …

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