The Waters of Life & Sound Healing: What is in your voice is in your life

Structure of DNAThe Waters of Life & Sound Healing:    What is in your voice is in your life

Kathy Wilson interviewed Tyhson Banighen July 3, 2013  

Click below to listen the replay:

Tyhson Banighen is a licensed Sound Coach and Spiritual Healer who works with a number of sound healing modalities. I use my voice to project sound at a person’s body to discover and remove blocks that are in a person’s chakras or are blocking the body’s energy flows. I also use sound oils and essences to further activate a person’s meridians, chakras and aura. Radionics are used to project Rife frequencies to deal with body disharmonies that relate to dis-ease and disorders. As a sound coach using the Voice Analysis Hydration System (VAHS) I assist you to establish the highest intention possible in your voice which is then recorded and analyzed to produce a 32 minute sound file CD that you listen to one a day. Also the sound file of your voice excites noble gases and using scalar wave technology which imprints your intention into Dr. Emoto’s structured water. You mix this structured water with good quality alkaline water and drink four or five glasses a day. In this way your intention is carried by the sound from the outside in by listening to the CD and by drinking the water your intention is brought down to the cellular level to flush out the toxins and hydrate the cells from the inside out. Nothing is more powerful for healing the body than putting you intention into the waters of life. At the Tyhson Banighen Wellness Center you can experience the Dodecahedron Sound Chamber with a double terminated crystal lattice that I call the Ascension Chamber. More information is available at

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