Quantum Sound Therapy Announces a New Breakthrough & Teleseries June 4 & 18

Quantum Sound Therapy


Announces a new breakthrough and Teleseries (1st & 3rd Wednesday in June!


Session 2: New Golden 6 Sound Wave Form & The Harmony iQube: Robert Lloyd speaks about the significance of the Harmony iQube; Dr. Pino speaks about how to become a Conscious Co-Creator

Brain Researcher Dr. Pino shares his insight on How Ordinary People can become Conscious Co-Creators

June 4th @ 7:30 PM CST Link Below

Title: The Harmony iQube,The Golden Six Wave Form and the Quantum Brain: How to Become a Conscious Creator
Time: Wednesday, June 4th at 7:30pm Central
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Phone number: (425) 440-5100
PIN Code: 508903#

To attend, visit:

After 12 Years we’ve uncovered the secret and cracked the code to a new level of sound. Now you can Accelerate your Transformation with our Golden 6 Sound Wave Breakthrough. This teleseries includes a preview of Golden 6 Sound Healing Activations to dissolve your stubborn subconscious blocks & raise your vibration.

 June 4th: The New Harmony/Oneness IQube

Upgrading your Oneness iQube with Golden 6.  The secret of neuroplasticity and the endochrine system.  A chat with brain researcher and mystic, Dr. Pino.  Shared Results from the Tribe.

To attend, visit: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=56052453

Also coming…

June 18th: new Focus IQube: Awaken your Genius & Find Your Soul Purpose

Helena interviews brain researcher & mystic Dr. Pino on the neuroplasticity of the Frontal Lobe. Why the Focus iQube profoundly impacts your genius, creativity, clarity, intuition and productivity. Neuroplasticity and your endochrine system; the gateway to profound transformation. How advanced neuroplasticity can change your destiny in 7 days.


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