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Live Your Purpose

Be inspired, get motivated, and IGNITE your passion! “For me knowing and living my life’s purpose has changed everything! I approach my life with more zest, purpose, and gusto, plus I have more money in my bank account.” Tyhson Banighen My summit interview with my friend Lucia Favarin will be LIVE on October 19, 2017. To join this …

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The Waters of Life & Sound Healing: What is in your voice is in your life

The Waters of Life & Sound Healing:    What is in your voice is in your life Kathy Wilson interviewed Tyhson Banighen July 3, 2013   Click below to listen the replay: Tyhson Banighen is a licensed Sound Coach and Spiritual Healer who works with a number of sound healing modalities. I use my …

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Deepening the Sacred Connection

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 9:00pm Eastern or 6:00 pm PST Kathy Wilson will interview Master Dowser Tyhson Banighen The Topic is Deepening the Sacred Connection between Land and People. More on this later