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“Use the Sound of Your Voice to Change Your DNA”

Now you can use sound to change your DNA! “Use the Sound of Your Voice to Change Your DNA online course is available from our sister site, The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy and is available with the added option of group or one to one coaching check it out now by clicking here

Express Your Most Authentic Self

Empowering thought for the day… Express your Most Authentic Self! Do more of what makes your heart sing, your eyes sparkle and your soul soar! ~ Uknown Set your Soul Song Free with a Sacred Soul Sounds Session! Sacred Soul Sounds Sessions consist of five major elements and combines Soul Sound Coaching and modern technology …

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What is in your Voice is in your Business!

“What is in your voice is in your life” Robert Lloyd developer of Quantum Sound Therapy I also believe what is in your voice is in your business! Quantum Sound Therapy was designed so individuals can bring the body into balance, using a recorded sample of their voice and scalar wave technology.  The human voice is …

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Are You Due for a Sacred Soul Sound Session?

If you are out of structured water, or have been listening to your Soul Tone CD for more than a month then it is time to book a new Sacred Soul Session.  You can now do this a number of ways: 1. The best way is to come and experience the multiplying power of the …

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