Dodecahedron Sound Chamber

Stellated Dodecahedron Sound Chamber with a Crystal Matrix

To listen to your personal Soul Sound Tones CD, via the IQube overlaid with Hemi Sync or other sound therapy music, in the Dodecahedron Sound Chamber accelerates your experience of your Sacred Soul Sounds Session even further.

Many who have recently done a session in the upgraded dodecahedron sound chamber with a new crystal matrix and more recently the VAHS – Voice Analysis Hydration System and a biomat with 32 lbs. of amethyst are experiencing major shifts in consciousness and insights. The dodecahedron is one of 5 Platonic solids the building blocks of the cosmos.  The dodecahedron is the fifth element, Ether (Aether) with 12 faces like the 12 signs of the zodiac.  It represents the perfect mediation of the infinite and the finite, the sphere and the cube, the circle and the square. It is the same structural shape of the earth’s crystalline grid and the constellations in the night sky. It is also the pattern of your DNA molecule which is a double helix with a dodecahedral language made up of a sequence of dodecahedrons.  The dodecahedron structure makes all sound within it symphonic with no sound distortions so the sound vibrates down to your DNA and grounds you to the earth grid (your mother) and connects you to your ancestral stellar grid (your father). It also acts like a Faraday cage and excludes all mind control, EMFs and microwave transmissions. You are left within with yourself and the scalar sound waves of your voice  penetrates down to your DNA and starts to clear old programs, until you come to neutral at which point the DNA free of all interference remembers its original blueprint and reactivates your crystalline matrix. The newly added scalar wave technology is used to record and analyses the highest potential of your voice which is then played through noble gases creating scalar waves. These soul tones create shifts in consciousness with ease and grace by spontaneously transmuting extraneous interrupters in all levels of one’s field thus providing more light on one’s homeward ascension integration path.

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