Soul Sound Coaching

Soul Sound Coaching

The coaching aspect is to help you set your intention for the session: Create what you want in your life experience by being in the moment of now and imagine it as though you have already achieved what you have chosen.

 For example If you choose more joy. What would more joy feel like right now? Laugh NOW in the joy you are choosing to create more of in your life experience. LAUGH out loud NOW. Visualize it, colour it.

For example If you choose prosperity. What would more prosperity feel like right now? Get into the emotion of prosperity. Use any prop you can think of, to create the feeling NOW. Visualize it, colour it.

Then your voice is recorded and analyzed to produce your personal Soul Sound Tones CD with the Quantum Sound Therapy

Listening to your CD during our session inside the Dodecahedron Sound Chamber or at home. You will enjoy heightened levels of energy, vitality, immune function, creativity and awareness.

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