CD’s & Structured Water

Soul Sound Tones CD’s & Sacred Scalar Structure Water

During a session your voice is recorded and analysed (with the VAH system) and your personal Soul Sound Tones CD is created.
With your Soul CD played through the IQubes creating scalar waves, a bottle of structured water is imprinted with your personal Soul Tones. The Sacred Scalar Structure Water helps to bring change from the outside in.

Returning Clients

Each time you do a voice recording using the VAH system it is like a snap shot in time. Because we are constantly changing or evolving, a new voice recording supports this new growth. If you want to shift your focus or your intention to support a new subject such as better health, a new project or business, you should create a new voice recording with your new intentions.
In order to create a new personal Soul Sound Tones CD + a bottle of structured water imprinted with your personal Soul Tones, we would like to suggest to you to whether book a new session or to do an “Online Voice Recording” online.
Have you checked out our “Sessions Plans FAQ” incl. information of how often we suggest you should do a new recording?

New Clients

Interested in the benefits of your own personal Soul Sound Tones CD + a bottle of structured water imprinted with your personal Soul Tones??? Please book a session in our Wellness Center or make do an “Online Session” online today.
Please check out details by clicking on the links above.

If you not have already done so, you also can take advantage of our FREE 15 Minutes Orientation Soul Coaching Session, to determine the next steps to get you to where you want to be. Hundreds have benefited over the years. Find out more….

Specialty Sacred Scalar Waters

We also offer a variety of Specialty Scalar Structured Water Concentrates. It addresses directly different aspects of you well being like: Purity/Clarity , Wellness, Protection, Focus Rejuvenation , Empowerment and much more.
Check out more details and how to order.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to call me at 250-835-8236 or use the contact form.