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Quantum Sounds (Scalar energy from Quantum Sound Therapy) produce GOOD VIBES to harmonize energies that can cause distortions /stresses in our life experience. By purifying / removing these energy patterns, natural restoration can take place. In particular, we have seen substantial peace, joy and happiness using this technology.

Use your voice, sound and vibration to unlock the power of you!

Experience the healing power of scalar energy and sound! Did you know that many of your challenges and imbalances can be detected through your voice? Your voice holds the key to unlocking your potential

Academy Online Sound Courses

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Use Sound to Reprogram Your DNA for Optimal Health – Self Directed Program
Use Sound to Reprogram Your DNA to Optimize Your Health – With Coaching

Note: All semiannual and annual coaching Canadian contracts include a Focus worth $2000.00 being delivered to your house. The FOCUS is for personal use on a FREE rental basis for as long as you are in the Sound Program. At any time during the yearly rental period you have the option to purchase the FOCUS outright at a savings. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot enter into rental agreements in the US but we can arrange for discounted FOCUS purchase pricing.

To learn more about the FOCUS IQube and its benefits please click here.