Group Sessions

Group Sessions

What you can expect from the session?

Well as soon as you enter the room with the IQubes emitting scalar waves before anything happens you will sense an obvious higher coherent state of consciousness.

The session is approximately two hours long with a half hour to set up the VAHS – Voice Activated Hydration System prior to guests arriving. There will be a short 15 min. overview of the technology and what to expect in the session.

We will then set a group intention for the evening. The clearer the intention the stronger the results the group will feel.  The group will sit in a circle and after a little coaching, will say in unison Ba, Be, Bye, Bow, Boo, Ha, He, Hi, Ho, Hoo. Tthe recorded sound will be computer analyzed and then played back in a 32 minute session through the following IQubes: Protection, Focus, Empowerment, Peak Performance and Rejuvenation.

At the same time the sacred scalar sound imprints the water developed by Dr. Emoto in collaboration with the inventor of the VAHS technology Robert Lloy. The first three minute long sounds will be toned by the group and then everyone will relax and enjoy the experience.   At the end of the session the imprinted water will be mixed with distilled water and drunk by the group. The result is you have activation of water in the cells from the outside in through the sound waves and from inside out through drinking the water.

The session is known to effortlessly assist in releasing blockages and obstacles that remain hidden in the sub consciousness, that create patterns and events that limits one’s joy, the fulfillment of one’s potential and awakening.

Clients experience:

  • A new sense of freedom
  • Reduced feelings of depression and anxiety
  • The release of pain, tension and stress
  • Heightened awareness
  • Improved quality of life
  • The emotional roller coaster ride becomes smoother with fewer ups and downs
  • Increased intuition
  • Greater sense of well being
  • Increased harmony and alignment with their true life’s purpose
  • A graceful yet inevitable awakening

Host a group session or a listening party for 10 or more friends to experience the scalar wave technology and receive a free Sacred Soul Sound session for you and your significant other. (A $250.00 value)
See/download PDF poster for more details. The poster will be adapted to include your address, time and date.

Please contact us to inquire about the rate for group sessions.