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Online – Soul Sound Session – by Phone or Skype

High success rate in person or by phone

A Soul Sound Session by phone or Skype, follows the same procedure as one in person and costs $125.00. For details please check out our Soul Sound Sessions page.

Before you book your session please read the following:

  • When you schedule your session let me know whether you will phone me at 250 835-8236 or Skype me at tyhson.banighen
  • For an on-line sound session you will need to know how to record your voice and how to email me your sound file. 
  • There are two ways to record your voice: 
  1. With a smart phone
  2. With a computer microphone. For assistance click here. 
  • Once you record your voice you will need to email me the sound file so I can process it.
  • During our scheduled time together I will coach you to obtain the highest vibration possible in your voice and at the appropriate time in the session I will ask you to record your own voice.
  • After I receive the sound file I will process the sound file and prepare your personal Soul Sound Tones CD and and a bottle of structured water with your voice imprint..
  • I will then mail you the CD and 8 ounce structured bottle of water.
  • In the mailer there will be instructions on how to mix the structured water with good quality alkaline water or distilled water.

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