Follow Up Sound Sessions Once a Month

Follow Up Sound Sessions Once a Month

I recommend you do a follow up Sound Session once a month in order to:

Clear Deeper 

Each new session allows you to hone in on what you were working on or to shift your focus to another area of your life such as better health, a new project or to improve your business. Each session clears a deeper level of trauma, unresolved emotional issues or what no longer serves your highest good and the most benevolent outcome for all concerned. It is like peeling away and releasing another layer of the onion.

More Health, Physical Energy and Vibrant Life

On the physical level this means you will be more healthy and vibrant with more energy to get you through your daily life.

More Spiritual Awareness

Spiritually  you will have more energy to open up your upper chakras in a safe and manageable way so you are more psychic, attuned to your Higher Self and ready to receive Guidance on Demand..

Better Outcomes in Your Life, Business & Community

When your bio-energy is clear and vibrating with vigor and vitality you radiate this energy into all aspects of your life. Just by your presence you will become an Ambassador of Light bringing change and transformation to all you meet and to the planet.

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