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What people say about “The Jiggler”

Amazing….I knew instinctively it would be something beyond what I have ever used.
Thank you…………………….. Jane sageblossom@hotmail.com’


“When I started, I was worried about the sagging skin that often goes with it. After using SlimFit, I was amazed at the muscle tone I got along with my weight loss. My cottage cheese thighs disappeared!!! I am back at the pool in my bathing suit and feel great.” Roselyn Stieger, roselynstieger@gmail.com


“I used to be a ballroom dancer and 5 years ago I had 2 strokes and couldn’t even stand strait or use the stairs anymore.
My daughter introduced me to the vibration program at the salon she uses it, at and I tried 5 days while I was visiting. I could not believe the results.
My joints moved and the pain was greatly reduced and I went up a flight of stairs for the first time in years.
That was only after 5 days and I also bought a machine from the salon immediately.
I truly feel alive again.
Monique, Blind Bay, BC.


“I can’t believe how easy it is to use. My busy schedule makes it hard for me to keep up with body toning exercises. I only use it three times per week and can’t believe how toned I am. My fat has melted away!
My muscles feel tight, which was so hard to keep up with my regular exercises.”
Joanne L.A. Soussa,