About Group Session

Group VAHS Session Experiences

Workshop Facilitator’s experience

Well! This is the first time I have used the VAHS in conjunction with the group worship setting, and I must say I was amazed at the accelerated learning and level of clearing achieved. This is the first group that have achieved Level 1 through 3 in a one 3 day workshop, The after VAHS (Chakra Chart) at the end of our time, with only 5 of the 8 originally present was astounding in the read out!  We each now have access on a daily basis to our CD sounds and our water, and our touch/breath of the IRT !!!

Maureen Edwardson is the creator of (IRT) Inner Resonance Technology which is one stop shopping to clear the way to your essential self. Maureen is the author of the best selling book, Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed: The Science of Inner Resonance www.innerresoance.com

Participant’s experience

It added another dimension to the workshop. The tones came through at just the right time making me realize it was significant assistance to move some of the energies that were coming up to be cleared. I believe it made them easier to clear making the workshop more successful for me. Thank you.

Laurie attended the Inner Resonance Technology workshop while a group VAHS sound file was running during workshop.

Workshop Instructor’s experience

A group VAHS session was done at the start of the Learning How to Dowse weekend workshop held on March 17 and 18, 2012 and the Sacred Scalar Water structure by the group’s collective voice was mixed and drank after sitting for half an hour. During the workshop the Rejuvenation IQube was running in tandem with the Peak Performance IQube and was left running all night long Saturday night and all the next day during the workshop. I found the scalar waves entrained the collective group consciousness so we were figuratively “on the same page.” This increased the group’s ability to focus and learn.
As a result I was able to talk about complex concepts which they class could easily comprehend. They could make a quantum jump in understanding and make the next step in awareness and ask even more complex questions. Increased communication and wellness plus multilevel learning occurred by people at different stages of awareness in the class. Increased intergenerational family communication occurred between the three women that attended from the same family. They reported that discussion continued after the class the next day with increased sharing about what they had learned and they did following up research.
The youngest in the family started out as quiet and shy and by the end of the course was animated and asking very insightful thought provoking questions. There were no afternoon “blahs” and the eleven participants left the class stimulated, excited and refreshed. As a result of the VAHS this was the best course I have ever taught.

Tyhson Banighen, VAHS Sound Coach

 Group VAHS Coaching Experience

As a Sound Coach I found one of the most interesting aspect is the effect of the VAHS on couples, families and groups. The creation of, or the stabilization of a collective consciousness field speeds up learning with ease and grace while at the same time effortlessly letting each participant release what no longer serves them individually, as a couple, family or group.

Tyhson Banighen, VAHS Sound Coach

Family and Couple Sessions

In the family sessions I have found there is an increase in the ability of the couples or families to strip belief programs that no longer serve. Laughter before and during the recording of the voice can produce a Sacred Soul Tone CD that can bring about rapid change and transformation.

Tyhson Banighen, VAHS Sound Coach