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What People Say About the Soul Sound Sessions

Hi big bro!

for the first time in my life in over a decade I got an excellent report from the doc. In spite of all the chronic issues I have, all of the are in remission.

I think it is because of the sound CD you made for me on my last visit. Thank you! It is really the only thing I can afford to carry on with at this point in my life.

Pain, skin conditions, blood pressure, everything is in remission at this point.

Thanks and love and hugs and stuff!!

Lee in Trail, B.C.

It was an  amazing experience. I was so relaxed and it was like I could not feel my body any longer. It was over an hour and it felt like only a few minutes. I also felt energy coursing through my chakras. Everyone needs to do this.


I feel like I am finally being understood. I felt misplaced, unworthy, unaccepted. I feel like there is still hope.I can finely feel “belonged.” I want to heal my body and mind and they are offering an opportunity for that to happen. I am truly grateful to have met both of you and look forward to our next session.


Wow that was so cool!! Loving the toning and how it changed until I matched it perfectly. I feel great! Empwered and open to new perspectives now, Thanks Tyhson.

Suki Fox, Shift with Suki www.sukifox,com 

May 2012 Hello Tyhson: It still seems as if that week at your cottage, and in sessions with you, were a dream. The only reason I know it was real, is that the magic of it all has had a permanent impact on my life. I rented a cottage, and the Universe sent me the gift I have been asking for, in you and Serah and that magical place of yours. I have done a lot of healing work in my life. Since I forget the past, and for good reason, digging it up again seemed counter productive to me and yet some healing approaches require this. Your approach allowed for healing and removing blocks, without having to dredge up yuckiness! It focuses in the present and sets a tone for the future. So far so good. Though I feel that I still have my own strong mind to re-train, I now know that I am on a path that will get me to where I have always dreamed of going. I thank you, thank you, thank you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Love and Blessings, Michele (and Jonathan)

I loaded my soul tunes on an IPhone which I have on a chord around my neck and my Iphone sits on my chest. I use my time while walking or snow skiing to have the scalar vibrations replenish my spirit.. I believe while being in nature and having my personal healing vibrations imprint my body doubles my potential of optimum performance both physically and emotionally.

When I am out of sync and recognize that I am no longer in the flow, I have trained myself to remember to stop, breathe and listen to my Soul Tones. I immediately feel grounded and settled.

Evelyn Mulders, Creator of the Sound Essences which are used during Sacred Soul Sessions

The Scalar Technology sessions that Tyhson conducts are like nothing we have ever experienced; with your voice being captured on a CD by speaking specific vowels, the technology then reads your unique soul imprint and from there you are taken on an incredible ride that transforms your very being. Add entering being in the Ascension Chamber (Dodecahedron Sound Chamber*) and listening to the various sounds that are emitted from the Scalar IQubes into the mix, the body feels lighter, clearer and definitely energized. It really is heartfelt and far reaching for the soul. With also playing other CD`s available, there`s plenty of opportunity for amazing journeys of self-discovery, accessing heightened states of our being, cognitions, and exploring different realms: it`s both expanding and rejuvenating. Tyhson and Serah, as seasoned practitioners in the healing, natural health, and vibrational realms and modalities, are very knowledgeable in all fields of the human condition and on all levels, including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

Allen & Alaria Baes

What People Say About the Dodecahedron Sound Chamber

Ascension Chamber

I am the developer of a unique system, Inner Resonance Technologies and have always felt that if I was not using sound in my work then something was missing.  Then my friend Tyhson Banighen introduced me to the Voice Activated Hydration System (VAHS) that I experienced May 20, 2012 on an auspicious energy day of a new moon plus full lunar eclipse. After envisioning success and feeling it thoroughly in the present moment, Tyhson recorded my voice print frequency on the computer and showed me the read out graphs of my consciousness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I then climbed under a cosy blanket on a treatment table that had a heated amethyst bed on a copper sheet both of which amplify energy.  The treatment table was set inside a large copper dodecahedron with double terminated crystals on each section, topped off by a crystal ball above my head. OMG! When I was settled, Tyhson ran the 32 minute program playing back my high frequency sounds to vibrate my body into resonance with the energy of my future potential being experienced now.  While this was playing out, there was a machine feeding my personal frequencies into Dr. Emoto water, structured for optimal hydration and assimilation by the body by Dr. Robert Loy.  The sounds and frequencies of this combined process was simultaneously recorded by the computer once again.  Oh my goodness!  What a trip!!!  Fantasmic highs!!! When we compared the computer readouts on the after frequencies, the difference was phenomenal between the imagined results with all my mental and emotional capacities before which were pretty great, and the resulting frequencies of the combined process in  the sacred space Tyhson had created for optimal frequency shifts!  That was completely awe inspiring and amazing!! I now have been drinking my own frequency water and listening to my highest potential on CD and my life is really expanding in the direction of my dreams. I more than highly recommend this experience of accelerated frequency shift that this technology and Tyhson’s genius of experience can provide for you.

Maureen Edwardson , originator of Inner Resonance Technologies, author of Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed – The Science of Inner Resonance. www.innerresonance.com 

To describe Serah and Tyhson`s dodecahedron more precisely, it actually is an Organite Truncated Dodecahedron with double terminated quartz crystals on every angle, a sound system within, and you are lying (comfortably) on a mattress atop a copper bed, underneath with more crystals and vortex coils. Tyhson calls having a session inside this structure and vibrational field as an Ascension Session and we believe it – they’ve got it set up! I refer to Serah and Tyhson`s home as a Station of Light, as they have co-created an energetic environment of deep meaning with representatives from the kingdoms and realms, sacred items and energy-tools from their spiritual journeys and Questers conferences, crystals and crystal skull collection, an amazing library and CD`s, ceremonial items from a number of cultures, bells, drums, rattles, didgeridoo, a healing harp, piano (organ in Sunnybrae Cottage!). This Station now has Sacred Scallar wave Technologies running 24/7 basis. Wellness Sessions are available for guests to experience this technology and heighten their experiential opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

Allen & Alaria Baes

I loved being in the dodecahedron laying on the warm amethyst bed with copper below and surrounded by crystals and orgone generators. I was literally transported ‘out of this world’ and surrounded by loving star family members during my sound session. I am listening to my personal soul tune CD and drinking the imprinted water as suggested. I feel very blessed to have had the experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a session. Tyhson and Serah are very gifted, knowledgeable, and experienced, as well as loving and compassionate.

Thank you so much Tyhson, love and blessings of abundance,

Pamela Shelly, ♥ Business and Prosperity Mentor for Lightworkers, Angel Readings and Sound Healing Practitioner Training  www.PamelaShelly.com

 It’s taken me quite a while to write these words for Tyhson, and although seasons have changed several times since, I still remember my experiences at Sunnybrae. Just the location of the cottage is wonderful. A majestic mountain scene, a lovely lake view, and serenity everywhere I was or could see. I came to experience the VAHS system primarily, but I’m sure that everything about my stay had a positive effect on me holistically – from the crystals to the communication. Tyhson is definitely a Master. His calm demeanor and reassuring presence helped me to completely let go, completely trust and fully experience. There are no words to describe the events and the transformations, I honestly have to say, you’ll have to do it yourself to know what I’m talking about. Thanks again Tyhson and Serah for your humanity and hospitality.

Brad Archer – www.naturalhealthcommunity.com, Vernon, BC

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